XChange Leadership Summit 

December 16 & 17, 2019

Leading Exponential Change, Through the Design & Facilitation of Human Exchanges

2 Powerful Days that will change your course as a leader...  designed and facilitated by Jon Berghoff


Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego
1 Market Place
San Diego, CA 92101

$799 Single XChange Summit Ticket

$1,299 Two XChange Summit Tickets

(save $300)

More about the XChange Leadership Summit...

Join Jon and other progressive leaders who are "Leading Exponential Change Through Purposeful Design of Human Exchanges"


Do you lead groups of any type? Communities, companies or conventions? 


How would you like to discover the methodology that BMW, Facebook, the U.S. Navy, and hundreds of organizations have used, to bring out the very best in ANY human system... faster, more naturally, and effectively than ever before? 


During this XChange Leadership Summit, Jon will teach the following

  • The art and science of Question Design

  • Which questions to use, based on different situations

  • How do enable groups to connect to a deeper purpose, uncover shared values and visions, and solve any problem rapidly

  • Ways to use this methodology to improve culture and team performance

  • How to lead experiential activities, workshops, retreats in a way that brings individual and collective strengths alive. 

Discover the approach we've used with clients like the United Nations, BMW, Facebook, the U.S. Navy, Green Mountain Coffee, City of Cleveland, TEDx, St. Thomas Health, Apple, and Verizon.

Who You'll Be Learning From

Jon Berghoff

Co-Founder and President

Under Jon's leadership, the XCHANGE team has designed and facilitated whole-system change efforts, through large group collaborative summits for organizations that include Facebook, BMW, Keller Williams, TEDx, Vitamix Corporation, and St. Thomas Health. Jon previously served as the head of sales for the direct sales team at Vitamix Corporation, where revenue grew by 400% in less than 4 years, as their team grew from 175 to over 600 members. His work in Appreciative Leadership, Emotionally Intelligent Negotiations, and Influence has brought him to Australia, Japan, the UK, and South America. Jon is in high demand, known for his authenticity and highly engaging style of creating powerful learning experiences for participants.

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Who You'll Be Learning From

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