Javier Llerena


Leadership Coach, empowering mid-level managers to unlock their leadership potential to create exceptional teams.

I’m on a mission to empower mid-level managers to unlock their real potential and transform their team into a "best team." I love helping leaders and organization bring out the talent on their sides, accelerate learning and build positive cultures.

I came to California at the age of 13 years old having lost my father and my mother at the age of two. I always had a resilience and a thirst for knowledge. I fell in love with Entrepreneurship, and I knew that my past wasn’t going to dictate my future.

I started my first business at the age of sixteen selling “Moon Shield,” a sunscreen for water polo athletes. Co-founding a marketing and business development boutique organically and expanding from two people to 5 international office with 30+ employees in less than two years and have work in building teams from the ground up.

I am helping mid-level managers in overcoming their obstacle and enhancing their leadership skills to shape their team into greatness. I am fascinated and passionate to bring the best of teams and co-create their shared vision accelerate creative and healthy growth of the organization.

No top-level manager wants to miss their unique potential and the opportunities to grow the business they love. I am passionate about helping optimize their talent on their team by accelerating learning and build positive cultures.

We live in one of the most significant economies in the world, and the American Dream is possible. Changing your mindset will transform your professional performance and leadership development.

I’m here to help develop your potential as a leader to design a purpose-driven organization by offering 1:1 coaching and strength-based workshops.

To get started hit the InMail button or message me at jllerena@re-inventcoaching.com

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