Why it works


AI events are driven by a high priority, clearly defined task - creating shared vision, purposeful engagement, strategic planning, world class customer service, business development innovations, and more.


The experience of wholeness is one of understanding the whole story. The practice of AI brings a whole system together, breaks down barriers, builds respect, and renews a sense of transcendent shared purpose.


AI builds upon the organization or community's successes and strengths to inspire positive possibilites for the future. New configurations of strengths allow innovations to emerge from everywhere, and for people to be at their best.


At the heart of AI is the ability to craft unconditionally positive questions, based on the premise that human systems move in the direction of what they consistently ask questions about.


AI enables the flexibility for human systems to create, experiment, and continually discover. People perform better when they are free to choose the nature and extent of their contribution.


Human systems move in the direction of their images of the future. The more positive the images are, the more positive the present-day action will be. In turn, success is driven by how the whole system views the organizations future.​


AI works by generating conditions that liberate power -- by creating life-centered organizations in which naturally and comfortably powerful people thrive, adding great value and a flourishing operating system to organizations and communities.

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