XCHANGE is a new approach used by change agents (coaches, speakers, trainers, facilitators, consultants, and leaders) to lead groups of all sizes to shape their future or solve specific problems better, faster and more naturally than thought possible with other methods.  

  • When BMW engineers chose to re-engineer how they collaborate while designing the future of autonomous driving…

  • When Habitat for Humanity wanted a strategic plan designed, using a whole system, strengths based summit…

  • When TEDx decided to exponentially increase audience engagement and impact …

They called Jon Berghoff at XCHANGE to use the XCHANGE Approach to design and lead these critical conversations, meetings & events.  Jon also trains others to use XCHANGE with their own groups and clients.   

"The world is calling for this. The XCHANGE Certification represents the future of how managers and leaders will generate authentic and lasting engagement."

XCHANGE Training Overview

Now Interviewing for our 2020 Training Session 

  • April 21 - 25,  2020 Training:  SOLD OUT**  

  • July 20 - 24,  2020 TrainingSOLD OUT**  

  • October 26 - 30,  2020 Training 5 Day In-Person XCHANGE Training immersion in Cleveland, OH. ​ Leave ready to immediately apply XCHANGE and accelerate outcomes with any group.

  • Online Coursework - Done prior to your in-person training to ensure you are prepared to get the most out of your in-person training (about 3-4 hours total).

  • Community Membership - many people choose to become community members after their certification to get coaching from our master faculty, maintain access to the private Facebook group where community members share resources and connect to collaborate, and access to Virtual Learning done 3-4 x monthly to support ongoing learning and impact using XCHANGE with groups.  

**There is a wait list for the April and July 2020 Sessions.  Our trainings sell out months in advance.  Contact us soon if you are interested in attending in October or joining the wait list for April/July.  

-David Cooperrider, Creator of Appreciative Inquiry

Discover the approach used with clients like Keller Williams, BMW, Facebook, Habitat for Humanity and TEDx.

Request a XCHANGE Consultation to see if you qualify for the training and learn more about our XCHANGE community of 220+ leaders from 10+ countries 

Tuition for XCHANGE ranges from $11,500 up to $25,000 annually depending on the amount of direct coaching, business development support, direct access to the XCHANGE Master Faculty and additional in-person training desired.  In special cases, partial scholarships may be available for small business owners, non-profit leaders, educators, health care professionals, or other leaders making a positive social impact with their work. 

"The XCHANGE certification is one of the best tools anyone who leads groups of people can invest in to serve their organization or community and accelerate their growth into the best that they can be.”

- Steve Bouchard, President, Insight Solutions and XCHANGE Master Faculty

"While I am excited about the massive business applications for the XCHANGE training the fact is that I feel empowered in a tremendous way by the tools I have been gifted by this experience as a father, husband and friend.”  

- John Kane, Director of Sales Development, Vector Marketing

"Appreciative Inquiry works and indeed makes the most sense for strategic planning, organizational development, and transformation. My only regret is that I was not exposed to it sooner. I am confident it would have changed the trajectory of my career, our teams, and our culture.”  
- Sara Harding, Chief Operating Officer,Spirituality & Health Magazine


"Whatever our destination, individually and in community, appreciative inquiry is the right path. XCHANGE / Jon, could not be a more able guide along the way"
- Eric Lewis, Director of Talent Management, Youth Opportunities Unlimited

"The XCHANGE Certification program exceeded my highest expectations. Course content on the fundamentals of Appreciative Inquiry and the skills necessary to facilitate an event was masterfully delivered through a deep dive into a list of highly inspiring client case study engagements led expertly by Jon Berghoff and other fellow XCHANGE participants. The opportunity to learn from real life examples - what went well and what didn't - was invaluable. The extra bonus has been the ability to connect, collaborate and co-create with so many like-hearted individuals throughout the XCHANGE community. This program opened my eyes to the endless possible ways in which Appreciative Inquiry can be applied to promote positive transformational change in our lives, our communities and the world at large."

- Jacque Hoyt, Partner, Cavanagh, Hoyt & Associates

"The power of AI has the potential to transform individuals, families organizations, and society at large. The problem is most individuals and organizations do not know where to begin. XCHANGE training solves that gap."
- Dr. James Kelley, Author & Assistant Professor of Marketing at United Arab Emirates University

"The event hosted by the Flourishing Leadership Institute is top notch. Their team is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They serve best-in-class in multiple areas: The content is stellar and useful in a variety of areas for life and business. The venue beautiful. The connections you make with others are powerful. Even the snacks and meals are planned to delight and nourish. You won't regret making this investment."

- Amiee Mueller, Speaker and Owner, Vast Action, Inc

Course Background: XCHANGE Training

How do leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents (consultants/trainers/coaches/speaker/facilitators) enable a team, community, or organization to come alive – to be at its very best – more naturally, effectively, and faster than ever before? 


We have never known as much as we do today in our collective search for the answers to this question. The XCHANGE Training and Certification offers a proven answer for a newly emergent group of “leader facilitators” – leaders of teams, organizations and communities who recognize the collective calling for a new type of leadership. 


The world is calling for a new style of leadership built around the ability to:

  • Design and facilitate new conversations.

  • Craft questions that draw upon and engage collective strengths.

  • Allow groups to quickly co-create and enroll in shared purpose, vision and action.

  • Enable complex and strategic change – not only in individuals – but also at the scale of the whole system (team/division/organization/community).


…and to do all of this – rapidly, naturally and effectively, with groups of all sizes!


The XCHANGE Training is built around a proven approach that XCHANGE has been called upon to lead cultural transformations, strategic planning, leadership development, community building, and dramatic whole system changes. Our methods draw from a convergence of evidence-based sciences & practices: Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Biomimicry, Sustainable Value Creation, Emotional Intelligence, Experiential Learning, Holistic Group Facilitation and more.



XCHANGE is the leading global provider of Strengths Based Large Group Summits using our XCHANGE Approach, and the exclusive provider of our XCHANGE Training & Certification. Our work has served organizations that include the BMW, Facebook, Keller Williams, City of Cleveland (Sustainable Cleveland Summit), TEDx and Fairmount Santrol.


XCHANGE Practitioner Certification is awarded after completion of the training below.  The initial training includes access to all the XCHANGE online learning and community resources for 6 months after training starts.  Ongoing access to online learning resources, peer learning and additional in-person training is offered through memberships available exclusively to certified XCHANGE Practitioners. 

STEP 1:  5 Day In-Person Immersion Training


Key Learnings:

  1. History and principles of strengths based approaches to leadership, including Appreciative Inquiry (AI) : Understand both the practical implications & enabling qualities of the strengths based approaches to leading and facilitating.  Deep dives into the 5-D cycles, larger group applications and success factors, and new innovations for using XCHANGE

  2. Emotional Intelligence & Positive Psychology: Discover and experience the intersection between the Emotional Intelligence Competency Model, the latest research in Positive Psychology and how to leverage both for peak performance with teams and groups of all types.

  3. Conversation & Meeting Design: Learn XCHANGE'S 3 dimensional approach to designing XCHANGE style meetings – bringing in the whole brain, and learning how to craft "holographic" collaborations that span the past, present and future.

  4. Adaptive Facilitation: Discover how honoring principles of Biomimicry (nature) create conditions for rapid transformation in groups from 10 to 1,000. 

  5. Full Spectrum Facilitation: Introduce space dynamics, professional facilitation directives, and meeting support material fundamentals.

  6. XCHANGE Approach Enrollment: Learn tested techniques to enroll participants - clients, teams and communities - into fully engaging with XCHANGE and Appreciative Inquiry/s strengths based approaches.

  7. Interactive feedback sessions from XCHANGE strategists, as well as their peers on real world experience and projects.

  8. Case study based training on how to identify, select and initiate various tasks, as well as  how to work with key stakeholders, clients, and team members to co-create engagement definition and design.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of attending the 5 day Immersion Training, participants will be able to:

  1. Design and facilitate Strength based / AI team, group, and community seminar meetings. 

  2. Facilitate groups in creating shared vision, shared purpose, strategic plans, collaborative problem solving, shaping culture, and more. 

  3. Enable groups of all types to create measurably improved outcomes, generating higher team performance.

  4. Capture the opportunity for significantly increased fees as a consultant/trainer/coach.

  5. Expand your ability to create value for clients or teams with an expanded capacity to customize the definition and design of your interventions.

  6. Position yourself as a premium provider of strengths based / AI facilitation, for higher value with clients.

  7. Qualify for an ongoing certified consultant relationship with XCHANGE. Benefit from ongoing XCHANGE Community support with meeting designs, creating workbooks, and facilitation leadership training.


STEP 2 - Applied Learning & Virtual Training

Key Learnings:

  • Applied learning: Participants are guided to design and apply the XCHANGE approach in their own work immediately.  Given the demand for the training, a key prerequisite is that applicants have significant experience leading groups and immediate opportunities to apply the XCHANGE Approach.   

  • Coaching and Debrief Live Video Training:   These live video training sessions (also recorded) serve as XCHANGE participant coaching sessions - both from XCHANGE Master Faculty members.  The XCHANGE Team and XCHANGE Community Members as do meeting / event "Debriefs" where they share their designs, agendas, workbooks and key learnings from using the XCHANGE Approach.  

  • Masterclass Live Video Training:  XCHANGE team members provide training on key concepts in the context of actual work done by XCHANGE in the areas of design, facilitation, post event implementation and enrolling groups in the approach. 

Watch how XCHANGE facilitates large scale meetings utilizing Appreciative Inquiry

Saint Thomas Health

Elevating the collective & individual well-being of our healthcare providers.


Igniting our passion and imagination to realize a prosperous and flourishing world.


Co-creating the future of GoBundance.

Who You'll Be Learning From

Jon Berghoff

XCHANGE Co-Founder & President

Under Jon's leadership, the XCHANGE team has designed and facilitated whole-system change efforts, through large group collaborative summits for organizations that include Facebook, TEDx, BMW, Vitamix Corporation, Keller Williams, and St. Thomas Health. Jon previously served as the head of sales for the direct sales team at Vitamix Corporation, where revenue grew by 400% in less than 4 years, as their team grew from 175 to over 600 members. His work in Appreciative Leadership, Emotionally Intelligent Negotiations, and Influence has brought him to Australia, Japan, the UK, and South America. Jon is in high demand, known for his authenticity and highly engaging style of creating powerful learning experiences for participants.

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Availability for training is limited and subject to application review. 

Applications open to the public on December 1st, 2019 for the April 2020 start date.    

Only current XCHANGE community members can refer applicants prior to 12/1/19 for early consideration

(some exceptions may apply for outstanding applicants)

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