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Leadership Development & Collaboration Workshop

  • Event Date: February 6, 2019

  • Location:  Orlando, FL (Kennedy Space Center)

  • Client Type: Experience To Lead - For Profit Consulting Organization  

  • Event Duration: 3 Hours

  • Level of Impact:  Hybrid (Individual & Team Impact)

  • Event Type:  Leadership Development Workshop

  • Number of Participants: 15 Participants

  • Participant Mix:  Client Executive Team, Customers of Client

Insight Solutions had the opportunity to partner on the design and execution of this program, with a firm who specializes in delivering very unique, immersion style, experiential Leadership Development programs (Experience To Lead). These experiences unfold over several days and are built around an evolving story line, which serves to deepen the learning impact.

The first two days were filled with exclusive, behind the scenes site visits and tours. The participants also heard from some amazing speakers, including a retired astronaut, an expert on design thinking and several people working at cutting edge companies in the space industry, including Blue Origin.

Founded in 2000 by Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin is empowered by a vision where millions of people are living and working in space, made possible through their development of a reusable rocket engine.


Blue Origin is a great example of a company that drives innovation; not only in their product development, but in their strategy and culture. Innovation is embedded in their DNA and that’s why they were studied as part of a new space-themed innovation program designed for leaders in high performing organizations.

The third day consisted of an “innovation lab” which was facilitated by Insight Solutions. This session was an opportunity for participants to reflect on and reinforce the learning that took place from the sites they visited, the people who spoke and the experiences they had.


  1. Deliver three hour workshop at the conclusion of a 3 day training designed capture, reinforce and move learning from the 3 day session into action and commitment.



  1. Teams collaborated to identify specific opportunities to move their work over the 3 day training into action

  2. Each team member identified and share personal commitments to move the opportunities forward


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