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Julie Reisler



Unleash The NEW You-est You  

  • XCHANGE Facilitator:  Julie Reisler

  • Event Date:1/12/2019

  • Location:The Pearl Spa, Maple Lawn, MD (20 min from DC)   

  • Client Type: Women in the DC/VA/MD area

  • Event Duration: 8 hours

  • Level of Impact: Individual  

  • Event Type: Mastermind / Workshop  

  • Number of Participants: 30 participants

  • Participant Mix:Women in the DC/VA/MD area interested in personal development  

The name of my workshop was called "Building Confidence and Resilience in Life and Recovery." The clients would be able to rapidly connect to purpose, strengths, moments of resilience, a future image, and goals and actions around this vision.  Pair shares and group share create life giving conversations and connection.


"Julie attracts wise women on quests to become their best selves. She is a source of light to many, presenting the questions we need to ask ourselves to uncover our true desires and goals."


Maria Olsen

Attorney & Author

Unleashed was both soul-soothing and energizing!  It was an wonderful opportunity to honor and celebrate amazing women who are on the quest to discover their best-selves!  Julie created a warm and welcoming space, opening the door for all to share their most sacred vulnerabilities, as well as support and encourage each other in designing their hopes and dreams for the future.  There was almost a magical feeling about the day!  As a result of attending Unleashed, I will honor myself daily and bravely pursue my purpose!

Jen Szymanski



Give yourself the gift of deep reflection to dream, vision and create a roadmap for your best you in 2019. You will feel more self-connection, inspiration, empowerment to uncover your you-est you. Embrace this opportunity to reboot, fully. Create a deeper relationship with yourself (the most important person on the planet), and with others. You’ll re-ignite what lights you up, engage in powerful activities and visualizations, move a little and be pampered. This will be a day full of increased self-awareness, inspiration, badassery, meaningful connection, fun, delicious healthy food and more!

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