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Carolyn Bostrack



I am FIERCE Summit

  • XCHANGE Facilitator:  Carolyn Bostrack

  • Client: I am FIERCE Summit  

  • Event Date:10/20/2018

  • Location: LaCrosse, WI - Charmant Hotel  

  • Client Type: Live Event Individuals

  • Event Duration: FULL DAY (6 to 8 hours)

  • Level of Impact: Individual  

  • Event Type: Mastermind / Workshop  

  • Number of Participants: 55 participants

  • Participant Mix: Mastermind Attendees, Speakers

The I AM FIERCE Experience, facilitated by Carolyn Colleen Bostrack, will provide
you with a proven method to accelerate your levels of personal and professional
Using the latest methods in experiential learning science, I AM FIERCE will help
revolutionize your life by teaching you how to:

● identify your highest strengths and values
● align your strengths and values to meaningful goals


The I AM FIERCE experience:

1. You will gain extraordinary clarity in terms of your possibilities in life - based on
your POTENTIAL - not your past.
2. You will discover the power that lies in your life's purpose, which will enhance
your levels of fulfillment and success.
3. You will learn how to integrate your purpose into every aspect of your life.
4. You will experience transformation in real time.
The I AM FIERCE experience will give you an opportunity to become an even
better version of yourself. It will set you up for your best year yet!
You have the power to create your best life yet. We are excited to have you here
for this life-changing opportunity.



Transformation at the Personal Level

Build on Strengths and Values

Connect to Purpose / Meaning

Align Action and Goals

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