Appreciative Inquiry Summit

Large Group Appreciative Inquiry Summit

Appreciative Inquiry Summit

"Nobody does the large group AI Summit better, and in a more complete way -- with business insight, total conference management capacity, and design-inspired facilitation skills."

- David Cooperrider


FLI is the global leader in facilitating rapid, strengths-based, whole system change through Appreciative Inquiry (AI) summits (large or small groups). We manage and design the entire event from start to finish -- including pre-event planning, event design, facilitation, production, and post-event implementation consulting.


Create Hyper-Shared Vision

By bringing the whole system into a room, it becomes possible to create truly inclusive, powerfully shared visions of the future. By enabling the “users” of the vision (the organization or community) to also become the “designers” of the vision, we see the impossible become possible with rapid and complete buy-in that creates a truly emergent vision which draws from every voice in the room. 

Map Core Strengths

Through the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process, an organization will collaboratively map out its system-wide core strengths. Often times, core strengths are recognized by the whole system that were unnoticed by the management team.  Once mapped out, these core strengths become a focal point, for what we want to preserve and build upon. 

Involve Customers in a Value-Innovation Experience

By involving customers in the AI process, it strengthens relationships and creates mutually beneficial business practices. AI enables customers to design new innovations and possibilities for the future and to innovate on the value proposition. 

Create Purposeful Engagement

Leaders need to bring new methods of collaboration and innovation into the organization. The AI approach allows a community of people to most quickly, naturally, and fully come alive. By design, a valuable byproduct is deep engagement that brings the organization to life.

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Utilize Strengths-Based Strategic Planning

FLI uses a strategic planning framework that focuses on strengths and seeks to understand the whole system by including the voices of every relevant stakeholder.  Our engaging method is driven by professionally designed series of collaborative dialogues. Strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results are mapped out, prioritized, and committed to. 

Shape a Cooperative and Collaborative Culture

Social constructionism reveals a new reality in shaping culture. Our collective reality is co-created, in real time, through our moment by moment dialogue and stories we share.  Our approach is engineered to elevate and perpetuate generative conversations.

Build Evolutionary Advantage

Organizations are rethinking the value of their competitive advantage, at any single moment in time. A new “north star” has emerged: evolutionary advantage. With this capability, the organizational members can positively and proactively adapt to rapid changes in markets and business environments. 

Embrace Revolutionary Challenges and Opportunities

We collaborate with industry and community leaders around big challenges and opportunities. With the AI approach to convening, organizing, and aligning strengths, we are seeing groups of people accomplish what they previously thought was impossible.

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Strategic Planning


FLI uses a strategic planning framework that focuses on strengths, and seeks to understand the whole system by including the voices of every relevant stakeholder.  Our fully engaging method is driven by professionally designed series of collaborative dialogues. 

Through our leadership training, we install a human operating system into organizations and communities that works exponentially, from the front lines to executives, providing a way for people at all levels to use Appreciative Inquiry principles.

Appreciative Intelligence Operating System (AIOS) Training 

 AIOS Training is for teams or communities who are looking to instill Appreciative Inquiry principles into the DNA of how they approach every conversation, meeting, event or situation. AIOS Training brings together the very best - from the fields of Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, Dialogical Organization Development and Emotional Intelligence – to enable organizations to build their Evolutionary Advantage.  This is the ability to continually adapt and pro-actively evolve, within rapidly changing markets, all while perpetually strengthening relationships between team members, as well as the long term flourishing of the organization.  


We achieve this through a holistic series of trainings that are rich in both experiential and applied learning.  These trainings are customizable, modular and scalable based on the needs of the organization. Each training is available through a blended learning approach – a combination of virtual and in-person, live and recorded.


Our system is used by leading institutions like Harvard and Carnegie Mellon for their research on mediation. (yep, it’s that good!)  Unified Mindfulness focuses on building three attention skills: 


  1. Concentration Power – The ability for you to focus on what you choose at any given time.

  2. Sensory Clarity – the ability to track and explore your senses in real time.

  3. Equanimity – the ability to allow your sensory experience to come and go, without push and pull.


We see “leadership” as the ability to influence change.  It’s not about a title or the number of direct reports.  Appreciative leadership training enables the ability for individuals – from the front line to the board room - to experience the benefits of enabling their Appreciative Intelligence – the ability to see new opportunities, to see and empower strengths in others, to find innovative solutions to complex challenges, and more. 


Topic Areas: 

*Understanding both the evidence for, and practical application of positive psychology in the workplace. 

*Intro to emotional intelligence and the applicable steps to strengthen it.

*Strategic appreciation – using a framework for recognizing and appreciating.

*Positive culture shaping – learning and implementing new conversational patterns for optimal problem solving, relationship building, and collaboration.

*Applied learning exercises for real-time improvement of personal and professional capabilities.


When we deconstruct our ability to execute in teams, our cultures, and the DNA of any organization… all roads lead towards one common source: the conversations we have with each other.  Social constructionism has advanced the evidence that our entire reality is created… only in relation with others, moment by moment, through each and every conversation we hold. 

Topic Areas: 

*A new conversational model – built upon Appreciative Inquiry - to bring into every group and individual interaction. 

*Meeting strategies – new ways to create rapid and wide spread engagement in our meetings, resulting in powerful new conversations and outcomes.

*Coaching for both performance and fulfillment– templates and approaches for empowering others through intelligently designed coaching conversations.

*Scenario training – strengths based formulas for handling difficult conversations, collaborative tension, uncooperative team members, performance reviews, and more.

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Appreciative Leadership Training


Focusing on strengths means that conversations center on what an organization is doing right, what skills could be enhanced, and what is compelling to those who have a 'stake' in the organization’s success. 


From a historical perspective, every organization has a valued past to be honored. In the present moment, every organization has a unique configuration of strengths, capabilities, and potential. Looking towards the future, every organization has opportunities, aspirations, and results to strive for.

Whole System

What we mean by "whole system" is that you create a more complete picture of a complex organization by accessing many different perspectives. One way we do this is to reach beyond senior management to include others in the organization's plans and actions. These stakeholders can be customers, employees, shareholders, board members, suppliers, volunteers, and communities the organization impacts. The whole system approach helps stakeholders see and understand how the system works and where their unique contribution makes a difference. 

Dialogue Driven

We believe in the power of Social Construction – the idea that our reality is co-created through our dialogue and stories we share with each other. Appreciative Inquiry is built on a series of intentionally designed questions that enable group dialogue to create radical new possibilities, images of the future, innovations, solutions, and plans. 

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