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Across functions and business units, a new configuration of strengths - wisdom, experiences, perspectives, talents - comes together to elevate the future of the customer experience. Facilitated by FLI.


Create Hyper-Shared Vision

By bringing the whole system into a room, it becomes possible to create truly inclusive, powerfully shared visions of the future. By enabling the “users” of the vision (the organization or community) to also become the “designers” of the vision, we see the impossible become possible with rapid and complete buy-in, that creates a truly emergent vision which draws from every voice in the room. 

Map Core Strengths

Through the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process, an organization will collaboratively map out its system-wide core strengths. Often times, core strengths are recognized by the whole system that were unnoticed by the management team.  Once mapped out, these core strengths become a focal point , for what we want to preserve, and that which we can build from and upon. 

Involve Customers in a Value-Innovation Experience

By involving customers in the AI process, it strengthens relationships, and creates new mutually beneficial business practices.  By enabling customers to design new innovations and possibilities for the future customer experience, we can dramatically innovate on our value proposition.

Create Purposeful Engagement

Our imperative as leaders has become clear - to bring new methods of collaboration and innovation, allowing a community of people to most quickly, naturally and fully come alive.  By the design of our approach, deep engagement is a valuable byproduct, with a purposeful outcome that brings the organization to life.

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Utilize Strengths-Based Strategic Planning

FLI uses a strategic planning framework that focuses on strengths, and seeks to understand the whole system by including the voices of every relevant stakeholder.  Our fully engaging method is driven by professionally designed series of collaborative dialogues. Strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results are mapped out, prioritized, and commited to. 

Shape a Cooperative and Collaborative Culture

Social constructionism reveals a new reality in shaping culture. Our collective reality is co-created, in real time, through our moment by moment dialogue and stories we share.  Our approach is engineered to elevate and perpetuate powerfully designed conversations, leading towards everybody as leaders. 

Build Evolutionary Advantage

Organizations are rethinking the value of their competitive advantage, at any single moment in time. A new “north star” has emerged: evolutionary advantage.  With this capability, the organization can positively and proactively adapt to rapid changes in markets and business environments. 

Embrace Revolutionary Challenges and Opportunities

We collaborate around complex, high stakes challenges and opportunities with industry leaders and radically inspired communities.  With new approaches to convening, organizing, and aligning strengths, we are seeing groups of people accomplish what they previously knew impossible.

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How We do it


Whole system change informed and inspired by the best in...

... and guided by the Appreciative Inquiry 4-D Cycle


Understanding the best of what is and what has been by asking the right questions. During discovery an organization maps out its positive core.


To imagine a more inspiring, positive, life-giving world and organization. Dreaming lifts up the best of what has been and invites people to imagine it even better. To dream will challenge the status quo.


Design provides the mechanisms through which an organization can bring their greatest hopes and dreams to life. 


Initiation of cross-functional, system-wide projects that launch a wide range of goal-driven changes. During the destiny cycle, AI becomes a system-wide function of all processes and groups, to enhance the organizations capacity for ongoing positive change.

Appreciative Inquiry soon becomes a flourishing cycle of inquiry and innovation throughout all aspects of your organization.


Designing renders visible our hopes and dreams; it is the first signal of human intentions.


-William McDonough

Innovation sparks from everywhere, when we move leadership away from top down and away from bottom up, towards "whole-system-all-at-once" designing.  Here, team members at Clarke re-design their culture through images of a newly imagined team member journey. Facilitated by FLI.

We live in a world our questions create.

- Dr. David Cooperrider

FLI facilitating quarterly, strength based strategic planning with 35 leadership team members.

Why it works

Harnessing the power of collective


Appreciative Inquiry events are driven by a high priority, clearly defined task - creating shared vision, purposeful engagement, strategic planning, world class customer service, business development innovations, and more.

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

-Albert Einstein

Our Team

We bring together world class thought-leaders, facilitators, and coaches on AI methodology. Together, we are able to deliver high-impact solutions to organizations seeking revolutionary change. 


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