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Jesse Harless



    Bonfire Recovery Workshop

  • XCHANGE Facilitator:  Jesse Harless

  • Client:  Bonfire Recovery

  • Event Date: February 12, 2019

  • Location:  Dover, NH

  • Client Type: Addiction Treatment Center / Sober Living Home

  • Event Duration: 1.5 Hour

  • Level of Impact:  Individual Level

  • Event Type:  Mastermind / Workshop

  • Number of Participants: 6 Participants

  • Participant Mix:  Clients Living in Treatment Center

For this particular business, Bonfire Recovery Services, I knew the CEO. I built even more trust with the CEO when I facilitated with his clients because he sat in on my facilitation workshops the first 2-3 times. By the third or forth experience, he told me I could not come back unless he paid me. This changed everything for me because I was then able to go to another addiction treatment center with the same model. They also agreed to pay me and keep me on every month.


I was running workshops that had 30-40 people by myself at Bonfire. The feedback from the clients who participated in my first few workshops was powerful and motivating for both myself and Bonfire. Men were applying what they learned and getting jobs in the community.These workshops do several things, but some of the most important are a deep sense of connection with purpose and their peers, as well as recovery coping tools they can use in the future (which is most critical to long-term outcomes of recovery).

For the first 6 months of running my workshops, I got client feedback and testimonials. I eventually stopped when I realized the work was making a difference. It took me time to get the workshops down to just be one hour. If you decide you want to run this type of workshop, just be prepared it might take you a little more than an hour your first time. Practice, Practice,Practice.

Opening with a purpose question works great with this type of group but is not necessary. I've run this group dozens of times without one but I decided for this group, which is longer than my typical group, to use one.The 5 minute visualization I lead is oftentimes the high point moment of the entire workshop. The participants are guided with their eyes closed and asked questions of their future self. The theme of the shares are almost always centered around family when clients talk about their future. That's because this is what matters most, even if their family is their recovery family.


The name of my workshop was called "Building Confidence and Resilience in Life and Recovery." The clients would be able to rapidly connect to purpose, strengths, moments of resilience, a future image, and goals and actions around this vision. Pair shares and group share create life giving conversations and connection.

Client / Participant Testimonial




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“To see the number of folks participating. Their openness, their willingness to share, those are all huge things.


A lot of guys who generally don't open up. And to open up that quickly to someone coming in that they don't know was phenomenal.


This would absolutely benefit people in recovery whether they have six minutes, six days or six months of sobriety.  This (workshop) would absolutely be beneficial to them in terms of their long term outcomes. Positive long term outcomes.”

- Andrew West – CEO of Bonfire

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