The 5 Levers for Awakening, Applying and Accelerating "Collective Leadership"
Exclusive Webinar:  Wednesday, May 30th 2 PM EST 

What is it, that causes any human system - team, organization, society - to be at its very best?  


Join Jon Berghoff, President of Flourishing Leadership Institute, who will share the latest answers to this question, discovered from helping industry leaders like Facebook, BMW, Nasa, Clarke, and Fairmount Santrol.  How do we accelerate the rate of strategic renewal?  How do we invite innovation to come from everywhere?  How do we create the experience of community, psychological safety, and group flow - at speeds previously considered unimaginable?  These are the questions that bring companies, communities and institutions to FLI, the global leader in advancing and utilizing  Appreciative Inquiry as an operating system for bringing out new configurations of strengths, intelligence and capabilities in any human system.  


During this webinar, participants will discover: 


  • Why "Evolutionary Advantage" has surpassed Competitive Advantage as the new organizational imperative, and how to foster it.

  • How a specific application of Mindfulness Meditation has become the professional development tool that transcends all others.  

  • Mirror Flourishing Theory - the unique systemic explanation for the power of "collective purpose", and a practical exercises to enable MF to come alive.

  • 6 Foundational Questions that allow any group to study positive deviance, re-frame problems towards possibilities, and rapidly enact new levels of group potential. 

  • Research pointing towards "psychological safety" as a leading indicator for group performance, and simple ways to quickly create more of it.  

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